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Tax Exempt Customers


Tax-exempt status may be available for qualifying Businesses, Governments, Non-Profit Entities, Universities and Educational Institutions. Sales tax exemptions are granted at the state level and you must provide Cal Gas Direct Incorporated with a copy of a state resale certificate, tax exemption certificate or other acceptable proof of tax exemption from your billing address state. Please contact or visit your state’s Department of Revenue site for the necessary forms to complete and submit to Cal Gas Direct Incorporated.

Once Cal Gas Direct Incorporated has the appropriate forms on file it will be linked to your account and you can order online or over the phone without paying sales Tax.

If you do see Tax on your order and have questions regarding that tax please call or email us.

Please Call 888-349-6042 or email accounting@calgasdirect.com 

889 Forms - We will provide a 889 form if needed.


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