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GASCO Affiliates, LLC is our leading supplier of Precision Calibration Gas Mixtures. Specializing in non-refillable and refillable calibration gas mixtures. GASCO has the capability of providing a wide range of simple mixtures such as ultra high purity Nitrogen, as well as complex four gas mixtures and highly reactive gas mixtures.
GASCO offers a wide variety of standard cylinder sizes as well as the highest quality regulators, carrying cases and accessories available. GASCO Calibration Gas Process is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


  • Analytical Testing-

GASCO performs an analytical test for each four-gas or reactive gas mixture before it is labeled and shipped to our customer. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies each and every cylinder shipped with the actual analytical results. There is no batch testing of any reactive gas mixtures. All analytical testing is verified against NIST standards.

  • NIST Standards-

Unlike other disposable calibration gas companies, GASCO utilizes a variety of specialty gas companies who have excellent reputations for creating precision gas NIST standards. By utilizing and comparing a variety of specialty gas manufacturers, Gasco insures that our accuracy and measuring tolerances do not vary over a period of time.


  • Original Equipment Manufactures- (OEMs)

Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) do not make their own gas. The vast majority of gas detection company’s purchase and private label their calibration gas from one company. In doing so they are depending on the analytical capabilities of one company that utilizes its own NIST standards to verify the accuracy and quality of their disposable gas mixtures. All of the gas detection smart sensors and the software utilized in their systems are based upon one company’s analytical capabilities. Should the gas providers quality and accuracy shift from an analytical standpoint the gas detection companies algorithms and sensor calibration can be incorrect. It is a common misconception that if you buy a certain brand instrument, you then have to buy that brand of calibration gas. (OEMs) are resellers, they simply buy gas from a supplier and it sits on their shelf until it is sold. Over time the calibration gas in those cylinders becomes less fresh, and less accurate.

  • Third Party Calibration- (GASCO)

Purchasing Calibration Gas from a third party such as GASCO provides the customer with the assurance that their instrument was calibrated correctly at the factory and the calibration they are now performing is true and accurate. GASCO's Calibration Gas is made Fresh, with the shortest lead time, highest product quality, and top notch customer service to support the product.