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Refill Program



In 2007 GASCO Affiliates LLC, Launched to the First Environmentally Friendly Factory Refillable Calibration Gas Cylinder the "116es ecosmart™". The GASCO ecosmart™ family line has grown to 7 cylinders and is for both reactive and non-reactive gases. 

GASCO ecosmart cylinders require no deposit or monthly rental fee, simply ship the cylinder back when it is empty.

"Meet or exceed sustainability objectives by simply switching to a GASCO ecosmart™ refillable cylinder."

Our goal at Cal Gas Direct Incorporated is the ensure this ground breaking green initiative cylinder becomes even more successful!

25% Off ecosmart Refills 

Free FedEx Ground Shipping On Orders Over $275.00 (No Hidden Haz-Mat Fees)

"These 100-percent reusable cylinders are designed to address the ongoing concern of how to dispose of empty disposable calibration gas cylinders."

With over 100,000 gas combinations for ecosmart™ refillable cylinders you are sure to find your mix, make the switch, reorder, and save.

How It works:

Cal Gas Direct Incorporated cylinder refillable program

  1. Check that the Previously purchased ecosmart cylinder is empty by simply twisting the M/T plug into the valve ( M/T plug is supplied with ecosmart cylinders) in a well ventilated area, which will release any remaining gas

  2. To Prepare for shipping pull down the perforated strip on the cylinder, peal away the label shrink rap, underneath the label is a label that says “empty” and also has the shipping instructions on the this sticker.

  3. Leave the M/T plug installed for shipping *each ecosmart cylinder ships with a free eco M/T plug

  4. Request a pre-paid shipping lable by going to www.gascogas.com click on the ecosmart returns button on the top right hand corner of the GASCO website.

  5. Fill out the return form and press submit the lablels will be generated.

  6. Print and affix the shipping label to a box with adaquate packing to protect the cylinder.

  7. Box is now ready to be shipped and the cylinder returned to GASCO at not cost to you.

  8. Contact us before re-ordering your ecosmart™ cylinder so we can confirm your previous cylinder was received and details on how to save on your reorder.

  9. Reorder and Save an additional 25% Place a new order and use coupon code "ecosmart refill". (ONLY ecosmart cylinders should be on this order)

  10. Feel good you are helping with green initiatives and sustainability goals.



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